Minorities and Men in Nursing

  • Board of Registered Nursing - Minorities and Men in Nursing Flyer
    Information and resources about nursing targeted to minorities and men interested in a career in registered nursing.
  • The Campaign for Nursing's Future
    Johnson & Johnson's "Campaign for Nursing's Future" provides specific information for men in nursing in addition to basic information about the field of nursing, assistance in finding a nursing program in your area, and the ability to search through hundreds of nursing scholarships.
  • Men in Nursing Conference: Strength through Diversity
    The Health Workforce Initiative (HWI) and the Men in Nursing Conference Committee warmly extends our welcome to this year’s conference “Strength through Diversity". This two day conference is open to engage, mentor, network and bridge the gaps toward equity and diversity in the nursing profession. Collectively we can make a change toward a better future and change the culture through our healing.